Journalism instructor Mr. Persin

The 2018/19 Journalism staff

A New Beginning
By Carlos Gabriel
King City - On August 6th, 2018, the Journalism team welcomed six new members to its group. Each
member has no previous knowledge of participating in journalism, but they all hope to learn the
fundamentals and ethics of journalistic writing and to grow together with the rest of the class.  
English, Journalism, and Link Crew teacher, Andrew Persin, has taught the Journalism class for the past
three years, and this year will be the fourth consecutive year. He hopes to “[get] students out of their
comfort zones” and to “[extend] their minds and [have] them write for an audience that is bigger than just
their English class.” Persin wishes for his students to become closer and more familiar with their local
community by having them talk to and interview various people. Persin expresses that he “want[s] to give
them [his students] a platform from which to grow and challenge themselves.” Similar to Persin, the six
new members of the Journalism team also share a few of these sentiments.

KCHS senior, Samuel Rivera, is one of the six new members that recently joined the Journalism class. He
joined the class because he noticed that “there weren’t many people signing up for the class” and he did
not want to see it disappear. He thought that it would be disadvantageous for it to be gone as it would
prevent other students from taking the class. “I like that it has forced me to go out and talk to people who
I usually do not talk to,” expressed Rivera. Rivera likes the fact that journalism has required him to leave
his comfort zone and to interact with people he does not know because it teaches him how to become
more involved in the community, as well as giving him valuable social skills. Rivera is excited to take on
a leadership role as the editor this year.

“I joined the class because I wanted the opportunity to apply my passion for graphic design to the
newspaper design process, and I [also] wanted to try something new,” expressed KCHS senior and recent
member of the journalism team, Yesenia Chavez. Like Rivera, Chavez also enjoys that the class forces
her to exit her comfort zone. Despite being a senior, Chavez is not as informed about the King City
community as she would like to be, but she hopes to change that this year. Chavez hopes to “learn time
management” and better ways to approach people she is not familiar with. This year, Chavez will design
the Mustang Legacy in house, a new venture for both her and the program as a whole.
KCHS senior, Daniel Correa, did not originally plan to take the journalism class, but he decided to see
what it was all about. “I didn’t choose [to join] this class, but in the end I started to like the class,”
expressed Correa. Correa liked the class because he was given the opportunity to go out and see things
that he previously had not seen. In the near future, he plans to be able to socialize better by growing
accustomed to the many interviews he will have with people he did not know previously.

Angel Aguilar, a sophomore at KCHS, joined the class because he likes how “journalism entails
[reporting] stories” and he feels it would be beneficial for him since he wants to become a filmmaker.
Aguilar has a passion for filmmaking, but more importantly he wants to tell stories. Therefore, the
Journalism class was the perfect opportunity to improve upon his ability. For this reason, Aguilar
volunteered to do Journalism’s “YouTube Blast,” short videos that briefly showcase the contents of a
select issue of “The Mustang Legacy,” this year. Aguilar also mentions that the class is “chill” and that he
likes the relatively calm and relaxed atmosphere of the class. “I wanted to be a part of something [such as] spreading the news,” conveyed KCHS sophomore, Gema Gasca. Gasca enjoys the fact that she is able to interact with other people as it allows her to be a part of the community. She hopes to “expand [her] knowledge on how to write certain things” as it could prove beneficial in the future.

KCHS sophomore, Carlos Gabriel, joined the class because he “wants to improve his ability to approach
and talk to unknown individuals.” Gabriel believes that the Journalism class will give him an incentive to
improve upon his sociability as it would require him to interview teachers, students, and perhaps other
people. “I like that there are very few members in the class because it makes it easier for me to bond with
my classmates,” explained Gabriel. Calm and relatively quiet environments are something that Gabriel
greatly enjoys, so the Journalism class was great for him in that regard. He hopes to learn how to
“properly and efficiently manage [his] work to be able to complete all [his] required assignments.”

These 6 new members will be responsible for delivering the student populace and the local community
with “The Mustang Legacy,” and they are proud to say that they are part of this great experience.